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Quick and Efficient Turnaround Time

Our goal at CMB is to provide qualified solutions for the patients and their physicians. CMB provides a courier service to allow fast and efficient specimen pickup to and from physician offices and clinics.

Most routine results are reported within 24 hours and sent to the referring physician. Results can be provided through either fax or courier service. Critical results are notified to the physicians’ office as soon as they become available. Online reporting is also available.

We offer stat testing for our clients, with a 4-hour turnaround time.

Supplies and Forms

We supply all forms, blood collection tubes, and other related materials upon request. Please allow 48 hours for the supply department to fulfill your order. Our forms and requisitions are designed to be user-friendly with easy -to-interpret results. Custom tests or panels preprinted on requisitions forms.
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Fax to (714) 816-1594. All orders will be delivered by courier service within 48 hours

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